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Hear it from Tamara...

Well I’m honoured firstly that you asked me to model your collection, that’s a huge compliment and I’d love to do it for you again.

The little black mini dress is just my cup of tea, paired with a leather jacket when it’s a little colder and a pair of barely there heels and it’s the perfect “cocktails” outfit. (I’d even wear it as a tight midi skirt with a cute blouse!)
The two tone skirt is something really unique and I’ve never even seen something similar. I LOVE THAT. Wear it black, wear it grey, wear it half and half. Whatever you fancy. Paired with the “Curve Alliance” T-shirt, a jacket and boots for an everyday vibe, or a pair or heels and a black body for another great evening outfit. (Also, it’s super comfy!) xx
Thank you so much to Tamara for such a great write up, we’re so glad you love the pieces. Be sure to follow her on instagram @tamaraanneburke

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