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Lindsay McGlone – The Fierce Fat Feminist  

Body positivity is a movement that was created by fat Black woman to eradicate the mistreatment of marginalised bodies and to highlight that all bodies regardless of shape, size, race, gender or abilities should be treat the same way with respect and dignity.  
Living in a marginalised body at a size 24 body positivity has offered me great comfort and a place to escape, body positivity alongside the plus size community has highlighted to me exactly why I should shout from the roof tops about my body, It has allowed me to remain comfortable and to freely exist of course not without discrimination but a lot less than I would have had without the movement. This is why it’s so important if we practice body positivity to make sure that we do not centre it around ourselves but in fact use the movement to recognise our privilege and use that to call out the discrimination against others.    
Being part of the plus size community means for me that I am alongside so many others that are advocating every single day that fat bodies are allowed to live without discrimination, as a collective the plus size community fights back, we stand tall, we wear that crop top and that bold print and we keep going forward. Even those I don’t necessarily befriend in the plus size community I still stand with because we are fighting the same fight. That’s one of the most important lesson’s I have ever learnt. If someone is advocating the same message as you as long as they deliver it with integrity and true meaning, support their work, support their message because we are so much more powerful as a collective.  
Lastly on a very personal level the body positive and plus size community has offered me just that, a sense of belonging. A community that has enabled me to follow some of my greatest dreams, from walking on the runway to speaking alongside celebrities, removing Air BNB listing’s (if you know you know) and meeting some of the most precious humans I've ever met. I am so honoured to be a part of this community and I would never peak of it differently, maybe there's just something more that keeps you altogether when you have faced fatphobia your whole life, eh?

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